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Series 56 Class Breakdown

The series 56 class is offered in 5 and 10 day long courses.

This is available for students via Webinar and Live Class registered, takes place in five seperate - 4 hour sessions.  Weekend and night classes are available for students who are unable to attend the day class, but will be assessed on an individual basis.  The first five days will consist of going over the material in lecture.  At the end of each day the student is required to take a quiz consisting of the material covered during the day’s lecture.  The results will be emailed to the instructor along with all wrong answers.  The students will be allowed to take these tests as many times as they would like.  The order of questions,  along with the answers will be randomized every time a student takes a test.  Immediately after answering a question, the correct answer will be provided along with an explanation before moving on to the next question.   The first week is primarily for making sure the students have gone over the material and have an understanding of the concepts.  Also, the instructor will be collecting information of strengths and weaknesses for the class based off the results of the quizzes.  These first five days will not be interactive, it will be just lectures followed by quizzes.   

Days 6-10: This is available for only students Live Class registered - will be interactive and is completely modeled around the performances of the students.  On Day 6 the lecture will consist of all subjects and areas that were shown as a weakness from the previous 5 days quizzes.   This lecture will be heavily focused on answering student questions and explaining concepts that were not understood thoroughly.   At the end of day 6, they will be assigned a test.  This test consists of 100 questions relevant to the series 56 test and will be timed.  Correct answers and explanations will be provided after each question during this test and will be made available to be retaken as many times as they would like.  Upon completion, the instructor will be emailed a detailed report of not only the students score but all incorrect answers and a breakdown of 5 categories how the student did in each category.  Day 7 will be dedicated to reviewing the test taken on the previous day, this will consist of dissecting and answering questions the students did poorly on.  Following the lecture another test will be assigned and this process will repeat itself all the way till day 9 with a new test each day.  At the end of day 9, the students will take a test based off of 100 exact questions from the series 56.  Day 10 will be the review of the test and a final exam will be issued.  The final exam will be a 100 questions with the same number of questions devoted to each category as the actual exam. This test will not show any explanations and will be random every time.  The final will be generated from a bank of over 1000 questions with every attempt being a new randomized test.  

Upon completing the final exam, with an 80%, the student will then receive a certificate of completion.  This will be emailed to their manager along with a copy to the student.  This will let the manager know that they are ready to sign up and take the test.

The quizzes and tests will be available to each student until they complete the program.  If after 10 days the student still cannot pass the final exam they have access to all the resources until they are able to pass the test.  

We will be offering a guarantee with the program that if you do not pass the test on the first attempt then we will pay for your retake* (Conditions do apply.  Conditions will be that the student has participated in the entire program and completed all quizzes and tests with a passing score of 85% for all quizzes and tests.)  

Typically the difference between students passing the test and failing is a very small range.  We’ve found that students have found greater benefit through testing and our explaining than from the reading.  As a result,  our program is heavily weighed on the second week of the class.   With the utilization of our test taking and reporting system we are able to completely customize the material for each class making each class a unique experience catered to the student.

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